Canadians Purchasing Arizona Real Estate

Are There Buyers Agents for Canadians Purchasing Arizona Real Estate?

If you are a Canadian purchasing Arizona Real Estate, you may be wondering whether or not there are buyer’s agents for Canadians. Buyer’s agents are an essential component of the real estate transaction here in Arizona. First, they work for “you” the Buyer and not the Seller. They assist potential buyers with their search for a home, offering guidance when needed and taking care of all essential aspects of the home buying process.

The question, “Are there buyers agents for Canadian purchasing Arizona real estate” can be interpreted in two different ways. You could either interpret the question’s intent to mean, “Are there buyer’s agents who only handle Arizona real estate transactions for Canadians” or “Are there buyers agents who are qualified to handle international real estate transactions for Canadians purchasing Arizona real estate as well as domestic buyers.”

Since there has been are a large number of Canadians purchasing Arizona real estate over the past several years, it would not be practical for REALTORS® in Arizona to handle only Canadian clients. Therefore, the best scenario for Canadians purchasing Arizona real estate is to find a REALTOR® who possess the expertise and knowledge to successfully navigate an international real estate purchase.

Not every real estate agent in Arizona is equipped to handle Canadians purchasing Arizona real estate.Certain aspects of the sale are different in the United States than they are in Canada. It takes a REALTOR® who has successfully worked with international buyers and who has the expertise to understand the unique differences in the home buying/closing process. It is important to search for a REALTOR® with that expertise.

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